How We Do It
Clarity of plan, clarity of metrics, resources, and a clear
roadmap to your end goal.

We provide you with growth capital, access to relationships and management knowhow. The lack of these three resources is why 90% of firms fail to scale and exit. We partner with firms who have what it takes to reach the pinnacle of their success but may be lacking the resources to capitalize on the opportunity.

Two people's hands working at a desk with an iPad and Apple Pencil.

Like steel sharpens steel, we take the proven strengths of your business, add our personal growth capital, network, and specialized business knowhow in boutique professional services firms and together we successfully help you scale your firm and ignite your exit.

“Manage as someone operating a machine to achieve a goal. No matter what work you do, at a high level you are simply setting goals and building machines to help you achieve them.”


Ready to go?

Let us help you where you need it most.