The Team
Sean Magennis
Sean Magennis is the Chief Executive Officer of Capital 54. He contributes 30 years of experience to entrepreneurs in growing professional services business domestically and globally through growth strategies, turnarounds, acquisitions, and financings. Sean supports the Capital 54 portfolio company CEOs, the investment sourcing, screening, and due diligence, and the implementation of our proven proprietary growth and exit process. Prior to Capital 54 Sean led a global and diverse team, serving over 30,000 CEOs in 138 countries with combined annual revenues of US$9 trillion and a 96% annual retention rate, as the Global President and COO of YPO, an organization with an enviable history. Sean began his business career in management at Dow Chemicals Ltd. He ran a professional services firm for 14 years focused on organizational development consulting, people assessment and executive search, which grew to encompass operations in Canada, the USA and Mexico, serving several thousand clients. He has experience with real estate platforms, electricity infrastructure development and financial services. Sean is a past Global President of EO, Entrepreneurs Organization, and an active YPO member.
Greg Alexander
Greg Alexander is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer for Capital 54. Greg contributes to the family by deciding which entrepreneurs to bet on, and which firms to invest in. He contributes to entrepreneurs by helping them scale and exit their firms by sharing how he scaled and exited his. Greg operates at the intersection of strategy and domain know-how. His proven process for scaling and exiting boutique professional services firms is the cornerstone of value that Capital 54 provides to its investments. Greg is passionate about creating financial independence for all. Prior to opening the family office, Greg had two careers spanning 25 years. He co-founded SBI, a professional service firm, and served as CEO for 11 years. After scaling the firm, he successfully exited in 2017 by selling his interest. Prior to SBI, Greg was an executive at EMC Corporation, a leader in the data storage industry. He is a published author and his podcast and Company TV series on Sales and Marketing insights from B2B thought leaders and growth experts, set an industry benchmark. Greg is an active member of YPO and several private peer organizations including being the founder of Collective 54.
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