You’re running a wildly successful boutique professional services firm that a lot of founders would trade their first born for. You’ve been wrestling with a real bear of a problem, though. You need capital.

I applaud you. Up to this point you’ve been as stubborn as John Dutton, bootstrapping your baby for years. But, what got you to today isn’t going to get you to tomorrow. If you want to exit faster, you need capital. Let me repeat that. If you want to exit faster, you need capital.

Macro shot of lightbulb lying on dirt, filled with dirt, rocks, and a single green plant.

This is where I come in. My name is Greg Alexander. I sold my boutique professional services firm for $162 million a few years back. My team and I at Capital 54 have since been investing my wealth to help the next generation of firms do the same.

No. I’m not a piggy bank. I’m an advisor with a deep pocket that’s incentivized to help you grow not just quickly but thoughtfully. Why? Because I take a share of your firm in exchange for priceless financial and intellectual capital I’ve accrued over two decades in this industry.

My team and I at Capital 54 will help you…

  • Develop a growth plan that’ll strap your firm to a rocket
  • Establish a well thought-out budget
  • Inject an optimal amount of capital into your firm
  • Meet regularly to make sure you’re staying the course
  • Pivot frequently as your firm navigates its growing pains

By the end of this, you’ll have wished you had met Capital 54 sooner as together we will transform your firm into a money making machine.