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Unlocking the magic of recurring revenue and customer retention.

Capital 54 is hyper specialized in its approach. The organization is focused on solving one problem and it believes if this problem is resolved, extraordinary returns are available.

The problem of focus is there are approximately 2 million professional services firms in the US, but 90% of them never reach scale. Because of this, the owners of these firms rarely create wealth with a successful exit. Yet, they should because companies spend $560 billion annually on professional services.

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There is a solution to this problem which results in significant wealth creation. The solution is specialized management know how, significant global relationships, a long-term outlook and plenty of available growth capital. Capital 54 has developed these missing ingredients by specializing in six ways.

  1. The industry: We only work with professional service firms
  2. The segment: Pre-scale boutiques are our focus
  3. The individual: We work with ownership
  4. The funds: We invest our own personal capital
  5. The know how: Relentless accumulation of specific management knowledge, expertise in recurring revenue models, and extensive relationships with thought leaders and practitioners in the sector
  6. The team: A team with decades of proven experience in delivering sustainable recurring revenue and financial growth models along with operational excellence for professional services firms
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