Capital 54 is a Family Office. This doesn’t mean you walk through the doors to find my snotty-nosed nephew working the front desk. A Family Office is just legal speak for the place where I invest the money I’ve accumulated over the years both the nine-figure sale of my firm and my investments.

Unlike private equity firms who could care less about you because they’ve got a portfolio of dozens of software companies, real estate firms and consumer brands… I give a damn.

Two people's hands working at a desk with an iPad and Apple Pencil.

I give a damn because I was once in your shoes as a boutique professional services firm and I feel it is my calling to throw down a rope from the top of the mountain.

Family Office money is as patient as a Shaolin Monk and as friendly as an Irish Setter. If I like your firm and its printing money, why the hell would I force you to sell it? You and I might remain partners for the next three decades. There’s no need to fix what isn’t broken.

Finally, I’m sure you’re wondering why you pick my Family Office over somebody else’s? Because if you look at my portfolio, I’m invested in one thing and one thing only: Boutique Professional Services Firms.

I invest in what I know and you are what I know.