You’ve worked your ass off building your boutique professional services firm. Now, you’re ready to cash in. There’s only one problem, though. You don’t know where the hell to start.

Before you can laugh your way to the bank and then spend some well-deserved time with your sweetheart sipping chardonnay and making love against the backdrop of a Tahitian sunset, you’ve got to sell the damn thing first.

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99% of boutique professional services firms get hosed during the exiting process and trudge away from the negotiating table with their tail tucked between their legs and a check for a fraction of what their enterprise is really worth.

My name is Greg Alexander and my team at Capital 54 keeps these crimes from happening to you. I sold my firm for $162 million a few years back and I’ve since helped dozens of other founders just like you do the same.

When I say I’ve seen it all… I’ve seen it all.

My team will be your guardian angels through every tough, tedious and terrible step of the exiting process. Together, we will…

  • Price your baby for what it’s worth
  • Negotiate favorable terms (terms are just as important as price)
  • Make sure you don’t get screwed in the fine print
  • Hire a stellar M&A advisor or investment bank
  • Kick-ass at your buyer meetings
  • Translate the legal nonsense on your LOI
  • Find an attorney that won’t pick your pocket
  • Handle the anxiety of the due diligence period
  • Close the deal and celebrate over dinner & wine
Man standing on peak with arms spread wide.

If everything goes as planned, you’ll be more than happy to pick up the dinner tab––I take my steak medium rare.